Tips for a comfortable period

*Keep yourself warm. Heat helps to relieve the pain in your belly or lower back. So put on that warm, oversized sweater, sit on the couch with a plaid or make a pleasantly warm jug.

*Try to take it into account. If possible, make sure you don’t put in too many appointments at work during your menstruation and also take it a little easier privately. This way you don’t have to hurry and avoid stress.

*Provide distraction. Of course you can stay in bed all week, but that doesn’t help you against the pain. And you still have your period. So make sure you have some distractions so you don’t have to think too much about being on your period. Go to the cinema with a friend or invite some good friends to your home for a relaxing movie night.

*Go swimming. In the water you will feel weightless and you will feel less pressure on your belly. The water also ensures that the fluid that holds your body goes back into your bloodstream. A warm bath does the same thing. With Beppy tampons without string, you can also just go swimming or take a bath without anyone noticing that you have your period.

*Be nice to yourself. If you feel like crying, please let yourself go for a while, that will brighten up. Do you feel like chocolate? Eat a piece of chocolate and enjoy it. And do you live together? Then look at your roommate or partner sweetly and ask if they want to cook your favourite dish tonight.

*Leave it all alone. Go to bed early one night to read a good book or watch a swoon movie. Tomorrow is another day!

*Do yoga. Follow a yoga class or do some exercises at home. Yoga helps you to relax and the combination of physical exertion and rest also helps against stress.

*A remedy from grandmother’s time; Chamomile. Drink a cup of chamomile tea, this can ease the pain a little and gives rest to your belly.

Using sanitary towels, tampons or Beppies
Don’t forget to listen to your own body these days, you know your body best. Do what you feel good about. If you want to crawl under the blankets every day of your period, just do this. And if you do feel good enough to do something during these days, Beppy tampons are there to make sure no one sees that you have your period. Take a look at our webshop for Beppy’s or order them right away. And most important of all: it goes away again. You may not feel well for a few days, but your period is coming and going! So it takes a couple of days and then you’re just back to your old trusted self!