How does the menstrual cup feel?

menstrual cup

When a menstrual cup is properly inserted, you don’t feel the cup at all. You don’t even perceive that you have the cup in. Ideal!

If you experience pain after inserting the cup, it is wise to carefully remove the cup because it has not been placed correctly. You can then reinsert the cup. In contrast to the traditional cups, the Beppy cup is inserted deeper, namely against the cervix.

The discomfort or pain after inserting the cup can be because the cup opens too quickly. Before the cup has reached the correct position. It is important that you hold the cup together as long as possible and only let go when you have inserted the cup as deeply as possible.

The Beppy Cup is made of Medical Grade Silicone, this feels soft. The hardness of the cup is hard enough to unfold after insertion. This sometimes takes some practice. While practicing, it is important that you are relaxed.

You know the Beppy Cup is inserted correctly when you don’t feel it or when the cup is not irritating. You insert a cup a little less deeply than a regular tampon. It is important that you check if the cup is unfolded. You can do this by moving one of your fingers around the cup. Also, you will know that the cup is properly placed when the bottom is flat. Or when you don’t feel any severe bumps. After you have inserted the cup, it is important that you tighten the loop a little bit. When you feel resistance you know that the cup is inserted correctly. After that you can leave the cup in place.

The Beppy cup is suitable for everyone. It will always be the case that one woman finds a regular tampon more pleasant than a Beppy sponge or a menstrual cup.

The biggest advantage to menstrual cup is that they have no negative impact on the vainagle environment. Thus, a cup can prevent vaginal complaints or reduce discomfort. Also, very rarely are women allergic to medical silicone (this is what the Beppy cup is made of).

When you take the cup out, it is important that the vacuum is broken. You can do this by slightly pressing the side of the cup. When the vacuum is broken you can pull the cup down a little and take it out. Taking it out is very simple thanks to the handy removal loop. Because this is not a traditional cup, the stem does not bother you.

Cleaning the cup is not very complicated. It is important that you first wash your hands. Then you can rinse the cup well with cold water inside and out. You have to make sure that you also clean the hard-to-reach parts well. Think about the anti-leak flap and the ventilation holes. For a good cleaning you can use a pH-neutral soap such as the Beppy Soapy. Then you can rub the cup well with the soap and then you can rinse the cup thoroughly. You can repeat this step if necessary.

Before using a cup for the first time, it is important that you sterilize the cup properly. You can do this in a pot of boiling water or with the Beppy Steam & Sterilizer.

If you are in public and have to clean your cup because you forgot the second clean menstrual cup, it is useful to buy Non-Alcoholic Baby Whipes or just take a bottle of water with you. Here you can just clean the cup. It will not be super clean of course, but clean enough so that you can insert the cup again. When you get home it is wise to replace your cup with a sterilized clean one as soon as possible.

The most convenient is of course to have a second clean and sterilized cup with you. That way you can always change them easily.

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