The Beppy Cup

The Beppy Cup is the most innovative menstrual cup for women.

Sustainable alternative

Looking for a long-lasting alternative to menstrual products? Then choose the Beppy Cup.

Save on the use of materials

The Beppy Cup is made of medical grade silicone.

Two is always better than one!

Always have a clean cup on hand to reduce the risk of TSS.

Moments of intimacy

Like our other menstrual products, the Beppy Cup is also suitable for sexual intercourse.

Beppy Steam + Sterilizer

While few of us like to clean the menstrual cup daily,
our Beppy Steam + Sterilizer will make it easy and do the job for you!

Disinfect your cup in just 3 easy steps!

1. Add water to the water line inside the Beppy Steamer.
2. Place your menstrual cup inside.
3. Appuyez sur le bouton et attendez 8 minutes !

Complete cleaning

With the Beppy Steamer, you can get rid of all bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold.

Developed by women, for women

Beppy Pure Period Panties


You can use the Beppy Pure Period Panties for 3 to 5 years, depending on how often you use them. To ensure optimal absorption quality, we recommend that you replace your menstrual pants after this period.

Organic cotton

Our Beppy Pure Period Pantie has 3 absorbent layers and offers discreet protection. It is also gentle on your skin thanks to the quality fabrics and certified organic cotton.

Different sizes

The Beppy Pure Period Panties comes in different sizes, choose the one that suits you best.

Buy Beppy Steam + Stérilisateur

The cleaning of your cut is as important as the cut itself.

Try the Beppy Cup

Beppy Cup, our most innovative menstrual product for intimate moments